Hyper-V issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

My main home computer is running Windows 10 and Hyper-V, and I was really looking forward to the anniversary update.  PowerShell Direct, nested virtualization, and containers all sound awesome.  I’ve played with them in a test box, but not on my main box.

So…I got home after work the day of the update, installed it (took an hour or so) and rebooted.

First problem…Hyper-V management services wouldn’t start.  This was a problem with a driver…took a bit to find it, but got it solved that night.

Second problem….none of my VMs would start.  Had to re-create the virtual switch and re-assign to the VMs.  Not a huge deal.

Third problem…new 2016 TP5 VMs wouldn’t boot.  This one took a bit longer, and I found the actual workaround in a github issue comment.  I knew there was a reason I got a hundred or so of those a day.  🙂

The ingredients for this third problem are:

  • 2016 TP5
  • Gen 2 VM
  • Secure Boot
  • Version 8.0 firmware

If you have a VM (let’s say it’s called TheBadVM) you can get it to boot with the following command (with the VM stopped of course):

Get-VM -Name TheBadVM | Set-VMFirmware -EnableSecureBoot Off -SecureBootTemplate MicrosoftUEFICertificateAuthority

Then, the VM will start.

I hope this helps you. I figured this might be easier to find than the original (thanks to Ryan Yates!).