January St. Louis PSUG meeting was a blast!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend another STL PSUG meeting. Mike Lombardi presented on “Getting Started with a Real Problem” and did a great job.

His scenario was someone who didn’t really know PowerShell at all and needed to troubleshoot a 3-server web farm where the nodes had different problems.

There were some technical difficulties with his lab setup (he used Lability, which was cool), but he stuck with it and we did all of the fixing in the scenario using a workstation rather than RDP’ing into the nodes.

The recording of the event (which was live-streamed) can be found here.

I will be presenting next month on writing functions that work with the pipeline.


Debugging VisioBot3000

The Setup Sometime around late August of 2016, VisioBot3000 stopped working.  It was sometime after the Windows 10 anniversary update, and I noticed that when I ran any of the examples in the repo, PowerShell hung whenever it tried to place a container on the page. I had not made any recent changes to the code. …

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Where I’ve been for the last few months

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I kind of fell off the planet (blog-wise, at least) at the end of August. I had good intentions for finishing the year out strong.  There were three different items that contributed to my downfall. First, I’ve been battling lots of different illnesses (none of them anything major) pretty …

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