Checking a Field for NULL in PowerShell

It’s been a long time (over 2 months) since I last posted.  I’ll try to get back into a rhythm of posting at least weekly.  Anyway, this is something that occurred to me at work when writing a script. I usually avoid nullable columns, but sometimes date fields make sense to be null (rather than …

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SQL PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX) 2.0 Released

The first module-based release of the SQL PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX) was released recently on CodePlex.  It features very handy wrappers for most of the SMO objects used to manipulate SQL Server metadata, SSIS packages, Replication, and (new in the 2.0 release) an ADO.NET module which I wrote based on the code in this post.  There’s …

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Getting Scheduled Tasks in PowerShell

There are a few approaches to manipulating scheduled tasks in PowerShell.

* WMI – Useful if you are only going to manipulate them via script. The tasks will not be visible in the control panel applet.
* SCHTASKS.EXE – Works ok, but has a somewhat arcane syntax, and is a text-only tool.
* Task Scheduler API -Best of both worlds, but only on Vista (not XP).