2015 Year in Review

So back in January I set out a list of PowerShell goals for the year. It’s not over yet, but I thought I’d see how well I did on those goals.

1.  50 blog posts

  • I knew this one was ambitious, but I figured one post per week should be manageable. I’ve been close to that pace lately and should be able to hit this goal in 2016. Maybe I can get 25 in before the end of the year. 🙂

2.  New release of SQLPSX
3.  Separate release of ADOLIB

  • Didn’t exactly release these, but moved them to github, added POSH_ADO, and wrote about them.

4.  Second book (maybe in a different format, like Pluralsight?)
(if you missed it, my first book was released late last year here).

5. Teach 10 PowerShell classes at work

  • Taught 8, and recruited a second person to do beginning training

6. Work through the IIS and AD month of lunches books

  • I read part of the IIS book and have been able to use some of it at work. Didn’t get to AD

7. Build a virtualization lab at home and practice Hyper-V and VMWare

  • Built out virtual machines to do POSH_ADO testing and had a lot of fun. This will be on the list for next year as well

8. Do something cloudy (no idea what)

  • Wrote a small module to work with Keepass. Haven’t written about it yet.

Since there’s still some time left in the year (and I’m off work part of it), I may update this post or follow up with an update.

I appreciate everyone who reads my ramblings, and especially enjoy comments.

If you have any great ideas for PowerShell projects or topics you’d like me to write about, let me know in the comments.