August 2016 Goal Review

Thought I’d take a minute and review the progress on my goals for the year.

  1. 100 posts. I’m at 32 (33 if you count this) so it’s going to take some dedication to make it. It’s already 10 more than last year, so that’s progress, but with 19 weeks left and 68 posts left, I’m going to have to beat 3 per week. I’m going to try. Might have to set a schedule (which would really help, but I’m not really wired that way).
  2. Virtualization Lab. I’ve got a couple of boxes running Hyper-V (client Hyper-V, but with nested virtualization I can get a lot closer). I’ve been playing with building servers, sysprep, differencing disks, etc. I feel like I’ve pretty much got this one covered. Need to jump the big box up to 32GB though. Thinking about getting a R710 off of eBay for a “next step” on this…maybe next year.
  3. Configure Servers with DSC. I’ve done some work with DSC both at home and at work, and gave a talk on DSC at the MidMO PSUG this month. Feel good about this, too.
  4. PowerShell User Group. First meeting at work is two days from now! I’ve also been to about a dozen meetings in Missouri (and posting about some of them). I’ve been honored to speak at 6 meetings so far as well, so this one is good. Bonus: I’ve started paperwork for reserving meeting space in the town I work (rather than 3 hours away), but haven’t scheduled anything yet.
  5. Continue Teaching at Work. I might not get 10 sessions in, but I think I’m already to 7. Good on this one.
  6. Share more on GitHub. VisioBot3000, SQLPSX, POSH_Ado, etc. Next step: PowerShellGallery!
  7. Write more professional scripts. I haven’t really checked, but I think this one is getting better.
  8. Speak. As I mentioned in #4, I’ve spoken at 6 user groups this year, so more than covered. If you’ve got a PSUG within driving distance of SW Missouri (KS, NW Arkansas, Oklahoma), let me know…I really enjoy sharing what I’m doing as well as speaking on “general” PowerShell topics.
  9. Encourage. I’ve probably let this one slide a bit. Note to self to comment more on other people’s posts.
  10. Digest. I get about 10 different daily digests either in email or on twitter. I don’t find a lot of value in them…they don’t seem to be curated for the most part, but I think adding another into the fray at this point would probably be lost. I’m going to skip this one this year…but keep it on the back burner.

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