February STLPSUG Meeting

I had the privilege of sharing again at the STLPSUG. February’s meeting was at Model Technologies, and Jason Rutherford was a great host.

I spoke on being a good citizen on the pipeline, both for output and input. Basically, best practices for pipeline output (which is fairly straight-forward), and techniques for accepting pipeline input (including $input, filters, and parameter attributes).

The group was a bit more advanced than usual, which was cool. There was a lot of fun heckling (I’ll give you $5 if you put $input in the process block, for instance) and a lot of participation from everyone.

As usual, after the presentation the talk turned into a giant DevOps discussion.

If you live anywhere near St. Louis and haven’t attended one of these meetings, I highly recommend them. Mike Lombardi has done a great job keeping the group moving and focused.

You can find out about upcoming meetings on meetup.com.

P.S. My friend and co-worker Ian was able to come with me this time. Made the drive a lot more fun, and he had a good time, too.