Celebrating 1 Year of Southwest Missouri PowerShell User Group (SWMOPSUG)

So…we’ve been meeting in Springfield, MO for a year now. Our first meeting was in June 2017 and had our “anniversary” meeting earlier this month.  Thanks to Scott for presenting a talk about PowerShell jobs! We haven’t had big crowds, but we have had good consistent attendance.  Looking forward to another year and reaching out …

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Lots of Recent User Group Activity!

There has been a lot of PowerShell activity in Missouri lately. I started the Southwest Missouri PSUG in June and have had 4 successful meetings covering the following topics: June – organizational July – Error Handling August – Pester September – DSC I also spoke at the St. Louis PSUG in August (on Error Handling).  Ken Maglio …

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February STLPSUG Meeting

I had the privilege of sharing again at the STLPSUG. February’s meeting was at Model Technologies, and Jason Rutherford was a great host. I spoke on being a good citizen on the pipeline, both for output and input. Basically, best practices for pipeline output (which is fairly straight-forward), and techniques for accepting pipeline input (including …

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January St. Louis PSUG meeting was a blast!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend another STL PSUG meeting. Mike Lombardi presented on “Getting Started with a Real Problem” and did a great job.

His scenario was someone who didn’t really know PowerShell at all and needed to troubleshoot a 3-server web farm where the nodes had different problems.

There were some technical difficulties with his lab setup (he used Lability, which was cool), but he stuck with it and we did all of the fixing in the scenario using a workstation rather than RDP’ing into the nodes.

The recording of the event (which was live-streamed) can be found here.

I will be presenting next month on writing functions that work with the pipeline.


Re-Thinking Positional Parameters

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve recently changed my mind a bit about the Position parameter attribute. I guess technically it is the position parameter of the Parameter parameter attribute (i.e. there’s a parameter attribute called “Parameter” and it has a parameter called position). I don’t think you could come up with something …

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August Missouri User Group Update

It’s been a while since I last sent an update on Missouri user groups.  I missed the June meetings in St. Louis (Michael Greene talking about the release pipeline) and in Columbia (Josh Rickard talking about his anti-phishing toolkit). In July, Mike Lombardi shared about setting up a private PowerShell Gallery at the STLPSUG meeting. At the …

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More PowerShell User Group Fun

Been neglecting writing up my Missouri user group adventures.

Last month (4/21) we had a several-hour talk session at the STL PSUG. Met @migreene and had a great time.

Last week (5/5…probably not the best day to meet) I presented a talk on Advanced Functions to a small but fun group at the MidMo PowerShell.

Tuesday I sat in on the @MSPSUG meeting with Steven Murawski.

I’ve started the ball rolling on a Southwest Missouri PSUG…probably have a meeting in June.

I really love the PowerShell community and enjoy all of the interaction.


Fun at MidMo PowerShell User Group

Had a blast at the MidMo PowerShell user group meeting last night in Columbia,MO. It was just the second meeting for this group and there were over a dozen people present. I started with a presentation on using PowerShell and Visio together (some of which you’ve seen here) and Rob Campbell (@Mjolinor) finished the meeting …

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